Suburban RUSH Adventure Racing Starts Here.


Here's what the racers, volunteers and sponsors had to say about our race!

Testimonials from Participants!

"Really well organized event. Congratulations!! I know the incredible amount of work it takes to pull off something like this, and I’m really impressed! See you next year – Suburban Rush is now on my “must-race” list!"
Derek Oelmann,
Race Director, SAFARI

This was my first adventure race and I will most definitely be back next year. Even though the weather was against us I had the hugest smile on my face. I want to thank the volunteers for their perseverance, the sponsors for their generosity and the organizers for such a well run, challenging and most importantly fun adventure race. THANK YOU!! I can’t wait for next year….maybe we could have two Suburban Rush races per year????
Karen Todd

Thank you for all your time, effort and hard work in putting this event together!! You guys did a FANTASTIC job!! I'm so glad I was able to participate in such an outstanding event!! … I'm going to tell everyone about it!! Looking forward to 2007!!! Fun atmosphere; Friendly participants; Great people associated with the event; Lots of local support from sponsors. Thank you for providing a fun and safe event!!
Bonnie Wong
Event Organizer, Sea2Summit

I had so much fun. It was great to actually get out there and race. I can't wait to see photos and videos from the weekend. There were so many cameras there. Your event is so well run. A lot of time goes into location selection and course design so if there was two suburban rushes in 2007 it would be awesome.
Brenton Searle

Congratulations to your Team for the result of this race: a great event! Just by looking at the faces of the racers, you could tell: it was fun!
Sandrine Simonnet

Great job and enjoy the glory of a successful event! You guys did a great job overall…having the BMX [bike] thing made everyone laugh and smile. It also gave racers a chance to be in the spotlight and this is good course designing. Overall, very well done and we had a great time!
Bryan Tasaka
Race Director, MOMAR

Even with all the rain and mud, we had blast. The bike course had a great mixture of climbing and super fun single-track descending. Thanks to all the volunteers who kept on smiling on such a wet day. Thank you all for your work. We had much fun and it was a very well organized event.
Patti Dods

Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event. I really enjoyed the experience, looking forward to next year.
Steve Edlund

There’s a reason that Suburb sounds like “Superb” – Suburban Rush was superb from start to finish. If only the weather would’ve cooperated as well as the event was run. This was our first adventure race and it was awesome to experience it in our own backyard. Everything was very well organized and the volunteers did an outstanding job – seeing their smiling faces at each checkpoint helped us push through the race. Thank you for a wonderful experience…we’ll be back.
Tina Epondulan & Ken Fung

Overall I really enjoyed the race and the challenge. Having now had 2 children I am hoping that adventure racing is similar to childbirth- The pain you experience during the race fades with time and by next year I’ll be pulling out my bike & runners to train for the 2007 race!
Tracey Webb

Congrats on hosting such a great event and for keeping spirits high even through crappy weather!
Charlene McMorris

Awesome organization! I had a fabulous first time out in an adventure race - even given the horrible weather, and was not at all discouraged. Thanks so much for the great event!
Nancy Olson

I would just like to tell you what a great job you did with the race on Saturday, despite the weather.
Peter Christensen

My wife Tracey and I took part in you epic mud fest today and enjoyed ourselves a lot. We’d like to thank you for setting up such a challenging course. A great event!!
Roland Webb

Overall, the event was really excellent. Very well organized and lots of fun.
Claire Yeung

Thanks for the race, other than the weather it was great. Cheers.
Tyler Hilditch

I’m particular impressed that you and the rest of the leadership team did a great job sticking to the schedule. The staffing is sufficient so that it felt like it’s right amount of work, but not too heavy for each volunteer. A great experience overall.
Vincent Chow

Great race, I really enjoyed it...
Jason Lescak

Testimonials from Sponsors:

G&F Financial Group has been actively involved as a sponsor of Suburban Rush for the last two years and our working relationship with Dean Wutke and Shawn Leclair of Secondwind Events Inc. has been very professional. Dean and Shawn are well organized and this is reflected in the quality of the event they put on. They are committed to working with all community partners to ensure everyone’s mutual satisfaction. We would not hesitate to recommend supporting this event through a sponsorship or being actively involved on a volunteer basis.
Peter Kobayashi
Manager, Port Coquitlam Branch, G&F Financial Group

Congratulations to you both [Shawn and Dean] and the rest of your organizing committee for such a well run adventure race. From all reports here at the city, your event was a resounding success. Once again thank you for a great event. I know how much time and effort went into making it a reality.
Rick Saunier
Environmental Technician, City of Port Moody

I believe that Suburban Rush runs a first class event, from the sponsorship side of things to taking care of the participants. The common response of people who have done their races is: ‘man, that was fun!’
Paul Slaymaker
Owner, The runners’ den, Port Moody

The Suburban Rush event is professionally organized and executed making it an endeavour the credit union is proud to support and sponsor. It contributes to the cultural vibrancy of the tri-cities communities while promoting the benefits of an active lifestyle. I sincerely hope this event continue for many years to come.
Andrew Solnordal
Regional Branch Manager, G&F Financial Group

Testimonials from the Inaugural Suburban RUSH

Thanks very much! Fantastic event.
Dean Palmer

For a first time race, you did an amazing job. The National Anthem was a special addition at the start, the volunteers looked completely happy and so well organized and they were on every turn. There was no chance to get lost. As a racer, it made for a great safe experience, so you could just focus on racing as hard as your legs would go.
Ina Ervin

Thanks to you all for organizing yesterday's race. It was a great day out, a thoroughly enjoyable introduction to the sport. Count me in for next year's event.
Robert Reppel

Congratulations – this was a VERY successful event! The course was well marked, the mystery challenges quick and fun, and the volunteers amazing!! We are anxiously looking forward to more Suburban Rush Races… Thanks again!
Ryan Ervin

Thank you very much for putting on such a fantastic event for the start of the adv. racing season for 2005. The course was awesome, organization was great, and the volunteers were wonderful with their cheers & smiles, marshalling, etc.
Tosh Fujita

What a great event. The whole event from pre - race to including the race and after the race. Flawless. We had a great time. Well done to all the organizers and the volunteers.
Rhys Williams

Thanks for all your work organizing the race on the weekend - I have been competing in all different types of events for 15 plus years and this was the most fun yet. Do we really have to wait until next year? All your hard work definitely was evident.
Megan Hoodspith

I just wanted to say congratulations on such a great event this weekend! It was so well organized. Very impressive. Thanks: I had lots of fun, and I've heard the same from everyone else.
Sarah Goring

Thank-you for a very fun event - the volunteers were great and friendly at every turn. I look forward to doing the event again next year.
Phyllis Mallett

Just wanted to thank you for such a fun, enjoyable time on Saturday….it was a fantastic day, and everything ran really smoothly for us (except for our bike failure!) Everything was very professional and well-done, and it was hard to believe it was the first race you guys had put on.
Stephanie Masterman

Congrats to you for organizing a great race, the location was perfect, the logistics, course directions & volunteers were all excellent. Thanks a lot.
Crispin Wye

I wanted to congratulate YOU on organizing such an excellent event. "Suburban RUSH" was challenging and fun. The race was very organized, the information package was detailed and your staff/volunteers were great.
Cathy Ross

Thanks again to Dean, Shawn and all the crew for putting the race together.
Paul Austin

Congrats on a well organized race. It was a fun course. Looking forward to chasing Magnus for first place next year!
Dave Mountain

What a GREAT race!!!!! I had such an awesome time. The course was challenging enough and the scenery was amazing. Thanks for putting on such a fantastic race. See you next year!!!!
Lanna Cadden

It was my first adventure race but it won’t be my last. Fantastically well organized & a great location/course.
Sean Alexander

Wow, tremendous volunteer support especially considering this was a first-time event - great park…awesome running trails…easily accessible.
Trevor Shoesmith

Awesome event...great course, great volunteers, and great participants!
Rob Yates

Excellent race, location, and organization. We had lots of fun! Thanks
Tara Wade

I’d never have guessed this was your first event. It was an outstanding piece of work, and you deserve to be congratulated. It was a ton of fun. If there was one this weekend, I’d do it too. I’m already trying to get others to give next year’s Suburban Rush a shot.
Sean Oliver

I want to give two thumbs up for a wicked race! The course was very well marked, and I was surprised and impressed by the amount of climbing we had to do. It was the perfect distance, great course, beautiful location. Well done, I will definitely be back next year!
Melissa Sharp