Suburban RUSH Adventure Racing Starts Here.

Racing Team

Team Suburban RUSH has participated in adventure races throughout North America since 2001. Founding team members Dean Wutke and Jordy Ydse, along with a great support cast lead by Shawn Leclair, have competed in more than 25 adventure races.

They have had a number or 1st place and podium finishes and raced in events ranging anywhere from a 2 hour sprint races through to 6 day international expedition races.

Seasoned adventure racer Don Barthel has joined and captained the team in serveral races as well. The team ran under the banner of Secondwind Adventure Racing for serveral years but now runs as Team Suburban RUSH.

Team Suburban RUSH past team members 2001 - 2011

  • Adam Hayes
  • Brendan Van Wijk
  • Catherine Zaborowska
  • Christopher Lister
  • Dave Cleveland
  • Dean Wutke
  • Don Barthel
  • Greg Puchniak
  • Jordy Ydse
  • Julio Daza
  • Laddie Hannam
  • Lannie Thielen
  • Lina Augaitis
  • Magnus Byne
  • Megan Hoodspith
  • Murray Comley
  • Niki Jacques
  • Sandra McKellar
  • Sarah Goring
  • Shawn Leclair
  • Star Hoerauf
  • Steve Keeley
  • Tania Xenis
  • Will Smith

Adventure Races:

  • 4th Dimension Adventure Racing
  • Baja Travesia
  • BendAR
  • Big Blue Adventure Race
  • Full Moon in June
  • Gorge Games Adventure Race
  • Lunatic Fringe Adventure Race
  • Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race
  • Race the Rockies
  • Raid the North
  • Raid the North Extreme Haida Gwaii
  • Raid the North Extreme Kootenays
  • Sea2Summit Adventure Race
  • Storm the North Shore
  • Suburban RUSH Adventure Race
  • Trioba Adventure Racing Series