Suburban RUSH Adventure Racing Starts Here.

Suburban RUSH is on a break for 2015

The Race

Suburban RUSH is a 25-30 km event with approximately 18-20 kms of mountain biking and 7-8 kms of trail running. In addition there is one section that consists of simple route finding on foot. This section does not require any special skills or compass but adds to the adventure of the race. The race typically takes participants between 2-5 hours to complete. All aspects of the race are completed with your teammate if you are on a team.


Pre-Race Information

2014 Racer Information Package: >

2014 Racer Bib Numbers: >


Mandatory Gear for the 2014 race (per racer):

  • Certified Bike Helmet
  • Emergency Blanket or large plastic garbage bag (for emergency shelter-racers will be in remote areas)
  • Insulating Hat/Toque
  • Long Sleeve Polypro Top (an extra one from what you are wearing)
  • One energy bar or equivalent food item
  • Two Litres of Water (minimum) We can not guarantee supply on course
  • Water proof map bag or large zip lock bag*
  • Water resistant jacket or shell jacket
  • *One per team

Highly Recommend Gear for the 2014 race (per racer):

You will be travelling in remote areas where race safety personnel may take a long time to get to you if there is a problem. This gear is highly recommended.

  • Allen Key for Bike*
  • Bike Pump*
  • Chain Breaker*
  • Small backpack or Camelback
  • Spare Tube
  • Tensor Bandage*
  • Tire Levers*
  • Two Antiseptic Wipes*
  • Two Anti-inflammatory Pills*
  • Two Band Aids*
  • Whistle
  • *One per team

Optional suggestions:

  • Bug Spray
  • Extra water bottle filled with water on your bike
  • If you need eye glasses to read the newspaper bring them on the race to read the mystery challenge instructions (note: the text will be in larger font)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Trail running shoes
  • A change of dry clothes in your car
  • *One per team