Suburban RUSH Adventure Racing Starts Here.

What is Adventure Racing?

Off-Road Multi-Sport Adventure Racing typically comes in three kinds of formats: Sprint, Stage and Expedition-length. Regardless of the distance, adventure races will include a combination of all or some of the following disciplines: trekking, mountain biking, running, kayaking, orienteering or navigation, and rapelling. Participants will battle physical elements, mental obstacles, emotional boundaries and possibly unfavourable weather conditions and lack of sleep.

Sprint racers are usually completed in under eight hours depending on fitness and skill levels.
Stage racing will challenge the racer to complete a different sprint course each day, over consecutive days.
Expedition length adventure races can take 3-10 days.
Adventure races are like off-road multi-sport 'tours' on a stopwatch.

Why Adventure Race?

Each participant has their own unique story and motivation. Ian Adamson one of the world’s best in adventure racing says in his book Adventure Racing, “The reality is that adventure racing gives me the opportunity to experience wild, and wonderful places, to share them with close friends, and frequently, to exceed my known limits. Ultimately, my love for adventure racing is a love for life.”

Many outdoor minded people are drawn to the races for the physical challenge and great racer comraderie that surrounds the events. Others may seek a fresh alternative to road racing by adding a more adventurous off-road event to their calendar. However, the most likely reason why people adventure race is because it's fun!

Most race organizers accept solo racers but the nature of the race is on a team where racers must overcome their differences to successfully make good time to the finish line. Trail running and mountain biking have grown substantially making off-road racing a great avenue to get out and enjoy the trails with some friendly competition.

What is the Suburban RUSH?

Suburban RUSH has taken the intimidation factor out of adventure racing. Most of us are unlikely to start our adventure racing careers by competing in a 7-10 day expedition race.
That is where Suburban RUSH comes in! Our 30 km off-road adventure is a perfect place to start.
You have a fitness base. You already have some mountain bike skills and enjoy a trail run. But maybe you need to know more about transitions, checkpoints & map reading.
Suburban RUSH consists of 8-10 km of trail running, 18-20 km of mountain biking on beginner to intermediate terrain and some mystery challenges. Mystery challenge events can include simple fun activities, or skill-based tasks. They add an element of unpredictability and fun to our event.
Our race removes the more expensive water section for an affordable, challenging, fun day out.
Suburban RUSH is a sprint adventure race that will take between two to six hours to complete based on your fitness and skill levels.

Who can Adventure Race?

Anyone who is reasonably fit, or planning to be on race day, and is ready to test their endurance in an adventurous environment is ready to race Suburban RUSH!
Can you trail run an hour and have you mountain biked with some friends for an afternoon? Throw these two sports back to back, and add in a couple mystery challenges in for good fun and you're there!
You don't have to be a super fit athlete to do a sprint adventure race like Suburban RUSH, but you will want to train for some bragging rights at the finish line!
Contact us for more information on training recommendations and lower mainland racing clubs.

Do I have to be an experienced mountain biker?

We recommend that you have some experience on riding on trails more than easy paths. Some portions of the course have roots, rocks and are not flat. Participants that are less experienced have simply walked these sections. Suburban RUSH trails are beginner and intermediate.

What kind of bike should I use?

We recommend a mountain bike with front shocks, but you can do the race on a rigid fork bike as well. Full suspension is always nice. We do not accept hybrid bikes or bikes with slick tires in the race.

How much mountain biking and trail running is there?

There is approximately 18-20km of mountain biking and 8-10km of trail running.

What is a Checkpoint?

Checkpoints are locations along the course route where you need to 'check-in' to proof you've followed the correct route. Suburban RUSH uses a checkpoint card that you will need to punch at each checkpoint. You then submit the checkpoint card at the end of the race to proof you've been to all the checkpoints.

Do I carry my bike gear the whole time?

No, you can leave your bike gear with your bike when you are participating in the run portions. Be aware there will be a lot of bike gear left in the bike corral and Suburban RUSH is not responsible for lost gear, so keep it close to your bike or in a bag attached to your bike. Obviously, when riding you must carry all your bike gear with you.

Is Suburban RUSH a relay?

No, when on a team you and your race partner must complete all portions of the race together.