Suburban RUSH Adventure Racing Starts Here.

The Course

As part of adventure racing tradition, the Suburban RUSH race course will be held a secret until the day of the race. However we can tell you this much:

  • Location: Port Moody/Anmore, BC
  • Length: 25-30 km
  • Time: 2 to 5 hours depending on skill & fitness levels
  • Teams: Teams of two or solos. Teams of two complete the entire course together. Suburban RUSH is not a relay
  • Navagation: The majority of the course is well marked. There is typically a simple navigation section to get you thinking (no special skills or compass required!)
  • Mountain Biking: beginner & intermediate trails, 18-20 km
  • Trail Running: some steep sections, running distance approximately 7-8 km
  • Mystery challenges: fun challenges to test your teams' skills and wits!
  • Finish line: approx. 25 k away! (refreshments provided)

What to expect:

Fitness: Suburban RUSH is a short course adventure race and is a great introduction to multi-sport off-road racing. Based on your fitness level it may take any where from 2 - 5 hours to complete. Suburban RUSH will also challenge seasoned racers with a great sprint race and primer for the season ahead.

There is no water section (ie. kayaking)